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  1. is provided by Billscreen Limited, registered in England, no. 10052387. Registered office at 46 High Street, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, LU7 1EA. VAT Registration no. TBC. Data Protection Register no. ZA175683
  2. This document is written in plain English and sets out how we respect our user’s privacy and ownership of their data as well as the terms on which we allow usage of the service. We have put it in to one document as mutual trust and respect allows for the best user experience. Throughout the document you may see bits of “legalese” that we have to include in order to operate legally.
  3. We may reasonably amend these terms from time to time. You will be notified of any updates when you log in to the service. We may email you for critical updates or where we feel it is appropriate.
  4. We make no claim whatsoever over the ownership of your data and we will never sell, lend, lease or exchange any information we hold about you. We do however need to get your permission to collect, store, process and display your data to you anywhere in the world where you access the service. By using Billscreen you are deemed to have given consent to this clause as this is essentially what the service does.
  5. By using this service you are giving your consent, and explicitly requesting that we act on your behalf in using identifying data from you or about you in order to collect further information relevant to or about you from partners and open data sources.
  6. This means you give us your permission to act on your behalf in accessing information that is only released when you request it. This is like you ticking the box that says you are only accessing your own information for your own use etc. but allows us to do it for you and put the information in to your Billscreen tabs.
  7. Where required by the ‘data owner’ (often UK Government departments or Agencies) we will use data you have given us or allowed us to acquire such as your national insurance number, vehicle registration number or date of birth etc.
  8. We will only ever aggregate information from public bodies, reputable companies that you already engage with and other trusted organisations and only use personal information sparingly, with care and in line with the Data Protection Act under which we are registered.
  9. This data we collect is only collected for you and to provide the Billscreen service. We do not use any personal information about you for any purpose not detailed in this policy.
  10. When you enter information in to various sections of the service, you are asking us to request and store additional data on your behalf from third parties (and hence create derivatives of your data). This derivative data will always be shown to you within the system. We do not store additional data that is not shown except as necessary to provide the service requested. That is to say we do not build up undisclosed data about our users beyond usage statistics and other similar data required in providing the service.
  11. When we talk about derivatives of your data, we mean data used to power services like the dashboard, budgeting tools, offers and reminders that are bespoke and generated automatically by our system. The data in your account is present either because you have entered or uploaded it, or requested us to acquire it from other sources such as ‘Midata’ from commercial partners or open data from public sources.
  12. We use anonymised data for business purposes, research and analysis. This allows us for example to plan server resources based on the times users will be accessing them and to ensure we plan for the right storage capacity etc. We may use cookies to track usage of our services and improve our service to you. By using this site you are deemed to have given consent to this clause.
  13. We provide you and only you secure access to your stored data and our derivatives of that data when and wherever you request it subject to the limitations of the technology used. We will do everything we can to keep our servers running securely and available but cannot be held responsible for technical failures beyond our control, whether hardware or software related.
  14. No warranty is implied or given and we exclude liability to the maximum extent allowed by law. Under no circumstances will our liability for your data extend beyond what you have paid in the previous twelve months for our services (if anything). Your statutory rights as a consumer are unaffected by these terms.
  15. We do have to obey all applicable UK laws with regards to handing over data to the authorities if required do to so by the courts and if this happens, provided we are not prohibited to do so by law, we will notify each user who is subject to this request. Where the law stops us notifying an individual, we will publish as much information about it as we can as part of our commitment to openness. Again, continued use of this site is deemed as your consent to this and all terms in this document.
  16. If you wish to close your account we will delete your account and relinquish any rights in your data within 14 days however please note it may take up to 56 days for all copies of data held in our backup files to be erased.
  17. We are registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office as a Data Controller under registration number ZA175683 and provide a free tool to download a usable copy of all data we hold for you and about you (coming soon). We have also told you in this document how we will use data you enter in to Billscreen.
  18. If you have a concern or question over the way your data is handled that is not answered here or in the FAQ, please visit our Data Protection Register entry here or our Data Controller page and fill in the contact form if needed.
  19. You agree to use our services only as intended and explicitly invited by us. You will indemnify us for any liabilities arising from any breach of these terms by you.
  20. You must keep your password private and secure and only attempt to log in to your own account from a device free from viruses and malware. Attempting unauthorised access is criminal offence in the UK under the Computer Misuse Act 1990.


Data used throughout this site come from a variety of sources. The original copyright holder retains the copyright on any data you upload or allow to be uploaded to the site. contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v2.0 -

All derivative data is © and you are free to use, distribute and profit the information we create for you as a personal user of the service.

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